Student Projects

Open Projects:

Master thesis: Registration via Diffusion models

Master Thesis: Alzheimer’s Disease Prediction

Master Thesis: Medical Image Segmentation

Master Thesis: Diabetes Prediction

Master Thesis: Analysis of the Human Cortex with Geometric Deep Learning


Finished Projects:

Master Thesis: Analysis of brain structure in premature-born adults

Master Thesis: Explaining Deep Survival Analysis Models for Heterogenous Data

Master Thesis: Automatic Feature Interaction Learning for Alzheimer’s Disease Diagnosis using Factorization Models

Master Thesis: Deep Heterogeneous Neural Network for Alzheimer’s Disease Classification

Postgraduate Non-Degree Program in Informatics: Associations of neuroanatomy with multiple neuropsychological disorders and test scores

Master Thesis: Anatomical Shape Analysis using Meshes

Master Thesis: Axiomatic Local Interpretability of Deep Neural Networks beyond Euclidean Data

Master Thesis: Uncertainty in Medical Image Analysis

Master Thesis: Neural Networks for Time-to-Event Analysis

Master Thesis: High-dimensional time-to-event prediction for Alzheimer’s disease prognosis

Master Thesis: Project and Excite Modules for Segmentation of Volumetric Medical Scans

Master Thesis: Few-Shot Segmentation for Medical Volumetric Scans

IDP: Serving pyTorch models via Web: Application to whole brain and retinal OCT segmentation

Master Thesis: Learning Fully Convolutional Networks on Sparsely Annotated Datasets

Master Thesis: Structural Abnormalities Preceding Adolescent Diagnoses of Depression and Anxiety

Bachelor Thesis: Early Detection of ERP Indicators for Developmental Dyslexia Using Predictive Analytics